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Thursday, March 08, 2018

March Monthly Meeting

Join us for the March Monthly Meeting, which will take place on International Women's Day, Thursday, March 8th at La Misericordia church in Piazza Porta Castiglione. A special, exceptional event, this meeting is open to the public - help spread the word! In an effort to create more awareness about women's issues in developing countries, the event will be in the format of a mini film festival where GVC, a Bologna-based NGO whose work extends internationally, will present two documentaries highlighting women in Tunisia entitled Eco de Femmes and Blooms in the Concrete (see description below). The screening will be followed by Nada Ziwawi, a woman GVC project manager connected to the films, presenting and discussing her experience. Registration and aperitivo will begin at 7pm with the documentary screening starting at 7:30pm. In collaboration with GVC and generous sponsors, the film festival will be open to the public in keeping with its goal to broaden public awareness of these issues - please talk it up and bring your friends (both male and female). A suggested donation of 5 euros is encouraged to help GVC continue fulfilling women’s projects around the world. This event represents an exception to our usual day for meeting, the 3rd Thursday of the month, as it coincides with the day dedicated internationally to women and women's issues, on a Thursday!


La Misericordia church in Piazza Porta Castiglione



Thursday, March 8th (registration and aperitivo at 7pm, documentary screening at 7:30pm)


Il Terra di Tutti Film Festival nasce nel 2007 dall'esigenza di dare la parola a tanti documentaristi che usano il video come forma di espressione critica, come torcia sul mondo e sui problemi che colpiscono i molti sud del mondo di ogni Paese. Promosso dalle Organizzazioni Non Governative di cooperazione internazionale allo sviluppo GVC (Gruppo di Volontariato Civile) e COSPE (Cooperazione per lo sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti), il TTFF porta a Bologna documentari e cinema sociale dal sud del mondo, con l'obiettivo di dare visibilità alla realtà di quei Paesi, popoli e lotte sociali che sono "invisibili" nei mezzi di comunicazione di massa.

FRANCE | 2017 | 54'
In the streets of Tunis and Sfax, Ouméma paints graffiti, Chaima dances, Shams performs slam poetry. These three young women, teenagers of the Jasmine revolution, embody all the aspects of a shared struggle: the struggle for women’s freedom in their country. They lead a peaceful fight, through their practice of Street Art, and have chosen the street as their stage to recapture this space, which is largely occupied by men in Tunisia. Their struggle makes their daily lives fluctuate between fear, hope, violence, creative energy and a thirst for freedom.
Keren Production is an independent production company specializing in documentary, recording and fiction. Since its creation in 2012, the company, based in Normandy, has been active on both a national and international level.


“Eco de femmes” is a documentary that shares the experiences and goals, whether in life or professionally, of six women who live and work in different rural communities in Morocco and Tunisia. Zina, Cherifa, Halima, Fatima, Amina and Jamila all share the common objective of creating farming businesses that can combine their profound knowledge of agriculture and manufacturing and the development of new products for the market.
“Eco de femmes” was created in the frame of the project, carried out by GVC and financed by the European Union and the Emilia-Romagna Region, in collaboration with the European Committee for Education and Agriculture (CEFA), le Réseau Tunisien de l’Economie Sociale (RTES) and le Réseau Marocain de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire (REMESS). The documentary was filmed thanks to valuable sponsorship from EleNfanT, an association of writers, filmmakers and independent producers.
Carlotta Piccinini works across several different fields: video art, interactive installations and social documentaries. In 2007 she began working in visual design, and in 2010 she directed her first documentary, “1515 Le nuvole non si fermano” filmed in refugee camps in Sahrawi, Algeria. She belongs to the EleNfanT association, where she works as a director, visual artist, assistant director and editor.