IWF Bologna Autumn 2019

The days get shorter, but not fewer in number! IWF interest groups and the Board are eager to join with all our members for a rich autumn 2019. Just as a reminder, our typical autumn to early-winter activities include

  • September kick-off social event
  • Monthly general meetings on topics to be announced, in October and November
  • December’s holiday party 
  • Weekly coffee mornings on Wednesdays 
  • Starting right off in September with Book Club and the book for each month 
  • Monthly “Kocktailclatsch” – an evening outing (aperitivo!) which is open to partners and friends too
  • More-or-less monthly activities with our numerous interest groups (language exchange, diners’ club, wakers & runners, Ramblers, …
  • And who knows how many other opportunities and spontaneous meet-up’s made thanks to the IWF online Forum and our marvelous membership!

If you’re not a member yet, give it a think!

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