Terms of service

IWF Bologna provides free access to its website www.iwfbologna.com (the "Website") and a series of services (the "Services"), hosted on the Website and on the forum www.iwfbolognachat.org (the "Forum"), with the aim to found and maintain an online community of women coming from different countries, who live in or have a connection with Bologna.

Here follow the Website and Forum's terms of service (the "Terms of Service"), which will be considered implicitly accepted if you use our Services or visit the Website.

IWF Bologna reserves the right to modify, add or delete, some or all of the provisions herein, even without prior notice. The new Terms of Service will be published in this section of the Website. Every user is obliged to check periodically if the Terms of Service herein have changed since the previous visit to the Website.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, you can delete your account at any time by sending a request to membership@iwfbologna.com, or a registered mail to International Women's Forum of Bologna, at its registered office in Bologna, via del Piombo no. 5. In any case, if you keep using our Services, the new Terms of Service will be considered implicitly accepted.

IWF Bologna accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the Services provided. IWF Bologna expressly reserves the right to modify, suspend and terminate, even partially, the Services, including access to the database and other material. Therefore, IWF Bologna shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the users due to any disruption of the services, which may be caused, for example, by planned or supplementary maintenance services of the Website or the Forum.

Likewise, IWF Bologna shall not be liable for any damage due to events beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, strikes, fire, floods, government orders, events attributable to any third party which can prevent, directly or indirectly, access to the Website, Forum and related Services.

Access to the Services

The Services offered by IWF Bologna must be used exclusively for private purposes. Any material or information extracted from the Website or the Forum may not be used or exploited for any purpose different from those set out herein without the prior consent of the user who uploaded it.

The Services are provided through the Internet. It is up to you to check if your Internet connection, hardware and software are suitable in order to use the Services. IWF Bologna shall not be liable for any hardware or software malfunction which makes access to the Services more difficult, discontinuous or impossible.


Registered users can use the Forum to post their content, without prejudice to any third party's rights and on condition that the content is not offensive, illegal or libelous in any way. IWF Bologna does not perform any preventive control over the content posted by the users, who are solely responsible for their own content and the consequences of posting or publishing it.

Therefore, you are fully responsible for the content you post or publish, and you declare to have the intellectual property right of that content, or you are entitled to use it in that manner.

IWF Bologna does not verify the truthfulness and the legality of the content published by the users.

If you believe that someone else's content is infringing on your copyrights or is offensive, inappropriate, obscene or unlawful in any way, you may report any abuse to our Website's administrators by e-mail to the address membership@iwfbologna.com. The administrators will promptly intervene and, if needed, will report the abuse to the competent Authority.

Each user agrees to indemnify and hold IWF Bologna harmless against any claim concerning the content posted or published by user.

Job Bank

The Forum contains the section Job Bank, where the user can post job offers and requests, which will be visible only to registered users. IWF Bologna only provides the hosting services for the content posted by the users, without offering any labor intermediation service.

Log-in information

If you are a registered user on IWF Bologna Website or Forum, you are required to keep safe and strictly confidential any personal login information, so that IWF Bologna will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from use of your login information by any third party. You may not communicate or assign your login credentials to any third party. In case of theft, loss or compromise of your login information, you must promptly report it to IWF Bologna, writing to membership@iwfbologna.com. In any case, you agree to indemnify and hold IWF Bologna harmless from any and all claims that may be made against it in relation to improper use of your login information. After receiving the mentioned communication, IWF Bologna will disable your current password and send a new one to your e-mail address.

Intellectual property rights and links

Unless otherwise provided for, and with the exception of the content posted or published by the users, IWF Bologna has the exclusive intellectual property of all the Website's and the Forum's materials, which are protected by copyright pursuant to the Italian Act no. 633/1941.

Therefore, you cannot perform any action that infringes or violates the Website or Forum's copyrights, including but not limited to the following:

(i) duplicate on any support transform, rephrase, translate, adapt, modify, temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, by any means and in any form;

(ii) load, display, publish, broadcast to the public, transfer or save, by any means, Internet included;

(iii) sell, license, sub-license, transfer or make available to any third party, in any way or by any means, in return for payment or free of charge;

(iv) use or make copies for advertising, promotion or commercial purposes or any other purpose different from surfing the Website or using the Services;

Any derogation from the Terms of Services herein must be expressly approved in writing by IWF Bologna. Nonetheless, every authorized operation must pursue a legitimate aim and comply with the law.

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is very important to the IWF Bologna. Accordingly, your personal data will be collected and processed only to the extent strictly necessary to offer our Services and let you join our community. In any case, your data will be collected and processed in compliance with the provisions of the Italian legislative decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), within the terms below. The Website and the Forum may include links to other websites, whose content is not under our control. Therefore, if you choose to visit those websites, we recommend that you check their privacy policy.

Data collection and purposes

Whenever you visit the Website or the Forum, some data will be automatically collected, such as those regarding the navigation, the pages visited, the time of each visit and the city from which you are connecting.

To do that, we run the services offered by Google Analytics, properly configured in order to partially hide your IP address and prevent your identification as much and as safely as possible.

The data will be collected in anonymous and aggregate form, which does not allow you to be identified. Such data will show us the global trend of the visits in order to improve the website and the forum, their content and your navigation experience.

The Website has been developed using appropriate measures to avoid any collection of personal data during normal navigation. However, in order to use some services, such as the Forum and the Job Bank, registration is required.

During registration you will be asked to provide us with some personal information, such as your name, your e-mail address, your interests, hobbies etc.

Some of this information is necessary in order to provide you with the credentials for the log-in, identify you in our community and provide you with some services, such as the Forum and the newsletter.

Other information is optional and is requested to help you join our community and introduce yourself to other members of IWF Bologna.

After registration, your profile will be visible only to registered users. Likewise, registered users can access the content you post in the Forum and in other interactive areas, such as the Job Bank. We consequently discourage you from posting any confidential information. In any case, your personal data will not be disseminated nor communicated to any third party for advertising or any other purpose, except as a result of legal obligation or authority order.

[Among the website's features you will find the Facebook "Like" button, which allows you to express your preferences about the website's content. If you have used Facebook before visiting our website, the "Like" plug-in could send some information to Facebook, such as your Facebook ID, our website's name, the date and time of your visit and other navigation data. However, we cannot control how the "Like" plug-in works exactly, so we invite you to periodically check Facebook's privacy policy to get more information.]


Cookies are tiny strings of text containing some information. They are sent by websites to your browser and stored on your computer for a certain amount of time. Cookies are usually divided into two categories: technical cookies and profiling cookies. The former are necessary for the functioning of the website and to provide a service specifically requested by the user, such as the log in; the latter, by contrast, are implemented to create user profiles and they are mainly used to transmit advertising messages, in line with the preferences expressed by the user during his or her navigation on the Internet.
IWF Bologna does not profile its users in any way. The Website and the Forum use only a few technical cookies to provide their services.

Here follows a list containing the cookies used, respectively, by IWF Bologna's website and the forum, along with their description.

Website (www.iwfbologna.com)

  • CFID e CFTOKEN. They are random numbers to identify sessions. These are technical cookies which are strictly necessary for the server's normal operation. They do not contain any information that can identify a user or that can be used by third parties
  • cookiescriptaccept Technical cookie. It is the cookie about cookies policy. It contains the information that the user has read the cookies policy, avoiding to show continually the message.
  • _ga, _gat_UA91936880-1 Analytical cookies. These are the Google Analytics' cookies. Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to generate reports on the manner in which visitors interact with the website. These cookies are used to record information that do not allow personal identification. Browsers do not share first-party cookies with other domains. For more information it is possible to visit the following page Privacy di Analytics and the technical page on the cookies used by the service: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites

Forum (www.iwfbolognachat.org)

  • phpbb3_4o1g2_k, phpbb3_4o1g2_sid, phpbb3_4o1g2_u These are technical cookies which are strictly necessary for the server's normal operation, and for keeping the user logged in during the navigation session.

Data processing

Data are collected through the Internet and are saved, accessed, stored and deleted using exclusively electronic means. The data are processed by suitable security means, in compliance with the provisions of the Italian Privacy Code. Your personal data will be stored in a server located in the USA.

Your rights as a data subject

In accordance with section 7 of the Italian Privacy Code, you are entitled to obtain, at any time, confirmation about the existence and the source of your data; information about the purpose for which your data are collected and about the system used to process them; the updating and rectification of the data; the erasure, anonymization and blocking of the data that has been processed unlawfully.

Furthermore, you have the right to object, fully or partially, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of your personal data, even though they are relevant to the purpose of their collection.

In order to exercise the above-mentioned right, as well as to receive information regarding entities where data have been stored or to whom data were communicated, you may write to IWF Bologna by e-mail to membership@iwfbologna.com.