The legendary IWF online Forum lives!

Ahhhh… The good ol’ days….

No! No cynical nostalgia here, friends! The legendary IWF online Forum lives!

For those who are wondering what the fuss might be about, here’s a little orientation… The IWF online Forum was launched more than a decade ago, and was quite spiffy – even racey! – for its time. There, members post tips, queries, information, and such, mostly of a practical nature, aiming to be of mutual support to one another. Topics range all over the map (conceptual and geographical!); posts can be searched by key word; members’ knowledge and experienced are leveraged to everyone’s advantage. The Forum is a real treasure trove!

The Forum has suffered some in recent years. Fewer and fewer IWFers post there, so those who peek in to see what’s happening on the Forum find less material of interest, go there less, post less, look less — less all around.

YOU can start this spiral spinning upward again! Go check out the Forum! See the kind of material members have shared their over time, and see what topics you might like to start circulating.

Furthermore, if you have ideas about how the Forum might need to evolve, please do share those with the Board Recently (2018-2019), the project of updating our website took precedence, but we do want to take on questions around the Forum too – and you could be just a great contributor to the process. Welcome!

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