Welcome to the reincarnated IWF website!

Hey, ladies! Check out our new digs!! Not bad, eh? Welcome to the reincarnated IWF website! There’s a lot here, but there could be so much more, right? What was that thought? Let your fingers do the tapping, and write it up for us to share with you. Our website offers a myriad of ways for US to make it rich, alive, and engaging. Share and contribute, post and comment – the ball is in your court, so make it fly!

There are many places to comment, throughout the site. Go for it!

Do you have an article in mind? Fantastic! Get in touch with web@iwfbologna.com for the low-down on how to do it.

Inspired by an event, activity, or interest group? Make yourself known! Write to interest group leaders and board members http://www.iwfbologna.com/contact-us/ to pursue ways you can be involved.

Did you capture the right moment, that right-on expression, the gleam in her eye? Share your great shot with us! 

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