CULTURE CLUB recommendations for March 2021

Visit Rocchetta Mattei. 

Il sito ufficiale della Rocchetta Mattei

By clicking on the link above and the “esplora” button, you can already catch a glimpse of what extraordinary setting awaits you
as soon as the castle opens its gates to the public again. A marvellous treasure chest, which has been
attracting visitors from all over the world and not only because of its aesthetics, but especially because of
the extravagant Conte Cesare Mattei, its mysterious “elettromeopatia” medicine and the legends
surrounding this place.

Teatro Comunale di Bologna Symphonic Season in streaming.

A fun podcast presenting different stories and fairy tales which have been invented together with children born in Italy, whose parents are non-Italian.

A virtual tour of Bologna’s museums.

A series of videos posted online concerning those working in the live show-business events.


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