Culture @ home

While we are stuck at home, we definitely don’t have renounce culture altogether. There are so many offers around that allow us to enjoy beautiful cultural heritage right from our living room. Have a look! And tell us what’s your favorite virtual guided tour!

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7 Responses

  1. Hello Again!
    In these strange days at home, I found out an interesting link with lot of things to listen or watch (videos, virtual visits, audio guides, podcasts) about the beauties of Emilia-Romagna region, including pieces on Modena, Ravenna, Ferrara…, besides Bologna of course.
    The link includes short and long videos with beautiful pictures. Marvelous it’s the one about the dungeons of Bologna, titled “under Italy”: you can appreciate it from home especially if you’re little claustrophobic like me 😉 !!!
    Here we go:

  2. True confessions: I only started using a PODCAST APP a few years ago. I just love it! If you still don’t use a podcast app (that’s my non-technical name for it), think about trying one. iPhones have them pre-installed; so did my Android phone. I stumbled on Castbox, however, and really enjoy its functions:
    You can also access tons of audiobooks there.
    One more suggestion in the audio domani: Free public domain audiobooks. I’d never read _Moby Dick_ — still haven’t! (another true confession) — but I just loved listening to it. It took a while (!), but thanks to Librivox and Castbox (I organized my listening to the Librivox “product” through Castbox.”) Captain Ahab and Queequeg kept me good company.
    Perfect companions for all those de-clutter, home improvement, cookie baking, knitting, etc. projects we might have on the back burner!

    1. Ciao Audrey I just tried librivox podcast on my Phone (already installed as you said). It’s easy to use and awesome indeed. I tested it with Pride & Prejudice by Austen but they have also many Italian classics like Pirandello and Dante.
      Thanks for sharing!!

    Would you like to have the chance to spend a special evening at home?
    Take advantage of the opportunity to see some of the most famous Opera in podcast ….
    14 | 21 | 28 MARCH 2020 H 21.00
    14 MARCH | RIGOLETTO di Giuseppe Verdi
    21 MARCH | LA TRAVIATA di Giuseppe Verdi
    28 MARCH | IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA di Gioacchino Rossini

  4. The Municipality of Bologna Publishes Cultural Content Online

    Cultural initiatives are suspended, theaters, museums and libraries are closed but citizens are not alone. The world of culture is working hard to face the situation and make itself available to the community in the ways possible today, starting from its professionalism and skills.

    In Bologna many are experimenting with forms of public sharing of art and culture by uploading online performances, entertainment content or training.

    To aggregate and make these contents accessible, promoting as much as possible the way of use from home, the Municipality and the Culture Department, in collaboration with the civic institutions, have prepared a dedicated platform by revisiting the Agenda Cultura site usually used to promote events and exhibitions.

    From today, Agenda Cultura will temporarily change its skin and, until April 3, will notify web users of cultural content on demand, live streaming or podcasts, proposed by the operators and institutions of Bologna. You will also find content for families and children, as well as communications of public interest.

    The Culture and Promotion Department of the city of the Municipality of Bologna has set up an operational working group with affiliated cultural operators to promote the process and invites all interested operators to report their programming by writing to

    This possibility will also open up to the world of sport and sports content.
    Bologna Culture Agenda:

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