Postponing the Ramblers’ weekend outing until next spring

I’m still locked down in London, but the consensus among those I’ve heard from in Bologna seems to be that life in the time of COVID has become a bit too uncertain to commit to a weekend trip just now.   I’ve been grateful to get quite a lot of info on the situation in Bologna, where people are uneasy about future flare-ups of the infection, employment/financial worries, uncertainty over schools’ re-opening and lots of other factors — the same things that are preoccupying people here in the UK, too.

I’m proposing, therefore, to cancel the trip in October.  Let’s hope things will be clearer in the New Year, and we can think of perhaps doing it in March or April. 

In the meantime, however, I am determined to be back to Bologna in October and will try to organise some half-day treks that people can join on short-notice if they have time and need some of that fresh air and lovely Apennine scenery (that I am really missing).

All the best, Mary

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much, Mary, for your ongoing commitment to rambling and hopeful RAMBLERS! 🙂
    You’re tenacity is inspiring.
    I have to agree with the sentiment you summarize so well.
    For me, 1/2-day walks will be very welcome — and as always I will hope to make it (tra il dire e il fare…) — hope is, as they say, the last to die!
    It seems you are doing well enough in London to plan to travel — so that’s great news.
    Best wishes, and thanks again – Audrey

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