September Kick-Off Event 2020

How wonderful it was to see so many IWF members and friends at our Kick-Off Event last Thursday, when the Bolognese gay choir Komos truly took us “somewhere over the rainbow” with their unique performance. If you like, share your videos and photos of the night with us and the choir by sending them to and “like” the Komos facebook page.

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  1. Nina Vellucci

    I really enjoyed our night out!! It was a fabulous concert!!! one of the best kick off meetings in IWF history!!!

  2. Silvia Lolli

    I totally agree! A perfect evening (despite the rain), thank you to the programming team and the board for organizing.

  3. Maria Luisa Venezia

    What a wonderful evening! The choir enchanted me with its beautiful voices and its sense of humor. It has been great to see many of you after such a long time.
    Un abbraccio

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