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“Rome was not built in a day ”, nor will our new website be….

Heywood’s poem goes on to say “But they were laying bricks every hour” and we, too, are steadily working on the site.


About us

The International Women’s Forum is a non-profit organization founded in October 1998 in Bologna, Italy for English-speaking women of all nationalities. The group serves as a professional, cultural and social resource where members have the opportunity to exchange experiences, make professional contacts, find support and friendship, and speak English.

The diversity of our current membership reflects the founding spirit of the IWF with more than 100 members of all ages and professions originating from 20 different countries. In addition to general meetings held one Thursday a month, the IWF is comprised of several smaller groups organized according to member interests. Whether you have just landed in Bologna or have called it home for decades, the IWF offers an enriching experience for all members.


Here’s the latest! Announcements and event details

Please check here while we cross the t’s and dot the i’s on our new web site. Posts here will be in chronological order by the date of the event, with the most proximate event being at the top. Do you have an event to register here? Please contact web@iwfbologna.com


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